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Music & Events Live Streaming Hackathon

Hack for Music & Events, is a Hackathon to help the Music & Events industry keep the show on road, in the wake of Covid-19. Come and join a studio full of developers, designers, artists and mu ...

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TÖÖSTUSHÄKK "Digitaliseerime!"

Kui oled tööstusettevõte, kellel on soov tõsta tootlikkust digitaalsete ja automaatsete lahenduste abil, IT-tudeng, kes soovib tutvuda tööstusvaldkonna infotehnoloogia poolega või IT-ettevõte, kes loo ...

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HACK FOR THE FUTURE - Sustainability Hackathon

❗❓What innovations can you create now that could help protect our world?❗❓Technology developments, the discovery, and the use of fossil fuels, in particular, have contributed to climate change. Howeve ...

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Gather initial ideas with simple forms that can extend later.

Tailored events

Everything is customizable. It's your event start to finish.

Team formation

Curate forming the best teams based on skills and interests.

Timeline support

Timezone conversion and automatic phase transfer keeps things running smoothly.

Foster communication

Enable participants to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Get reviews

Gather feedback and objective rankings from experts with ease.

Enable refinement

Let the participants improve on their ideas based on your feedback.

Publish results

Once you've found the best ideas publish them with a single click.

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