Finding new solutions to old problems

At Eventornado, we bring people with big ideas together to build exciting projects and create new solutions using the power of technology.

From Europe to Africa, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with over 100 hackathons, helping them to bring their event to life in the most efficient, fool-proof way.

With all the moving parts behind running a hackathon (clunky spreadsheets with thousands of data input cells and collaborators, we’re looking at you), running a hackathon can be one big nauseating headache.

We built a platform that takes care of every fiddly detail of your hackathon, so you can focus on creating a fantastic event.

No more complicated data. No more manual, tedious and repetitive tasks. No more cumbersome processes.

One event. One platform.

Our Values

Our customers consider us their second pair of hands. That’s because we’re not an elusive service provider that hands you a platform and leaves you to get on with it.

We’re with you every step of the way from your initial idea to beyond the event.

To be able to do that to the absolute best of our ability, we follow and refer to a few important values:

  • Do what’s right

    Kindness comes first. We lead with empathy and understanding and constantly strive to make life easier for one another.

  • Be there for our customers

    We’re not a service provider that gives you a platform and sets you on your way. We’re an extension of our customer’s team, and we do everything we can to make sure our hackathon organizers have everything they need to do their best work.

  • Find solutions, fast

    Whether we’re ironing out the details of our latest feature or helping a customer with a technical issue, we get to the bottom of things as quickly as we can. We find solutions and we move fast.


Edgar Aronov Co-founder & CEO

Responsible for: All things operational, client onboarding

Before Eventornado: Edgar has almost a decade of experience helping government entities distribute grants, run hackathons and build collaboration tools. He was also one of the key organizers of the MBR Space Settlement Challenge, managing over half a million dollars worth of research grants for space-related research in record time.

Loves: A camping trip with friends in Estonia, weightlifting and his two adorable cats (that look suspiciously like twins)

Martin Henk Co-founder & CTO

Responsible for: All things visionary, leading our developers and technical operations

Before Eventornado: Martin was the technical co-founder and Head of Product at Pipedrive, a powerful CRM tool used by over 90,000 organizations around the world. Martin knows his way around the tech sphere—he’s supported and invested in over 20 start-ups before founding Eventornado.

Loves: Long walks, listening to audiobooks, swimming in the sea with his family, come rain or shine.

What you get when you run your event on Eventornado

Smart management

Managing 10 or 10,000 participants? No problem. Everything you need to run your event, neatly in one platform.

Second pair of hands

Got a question? We’re in the hackathon business and we’re with you every step of the way, start to finish.

Best results

A smooth process let's everyone focus on the content. Let the best ideas emerge.

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