Planning a hackathon in 2022?

Help to test out our new features and get a “2 for 1” price

Eventornado is a hackathon platform built by hackathon organisers. We have launched a bunch of new features and we invite you to test the platform with your next event.

For great feedback, we offer a “2 for 1” price. Offer valid if you book a demo before 2021 runs out.

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Organize a hackathon
Organize a hackathon

Mentor functionality

Mentors added easily to the landing page and chat

Event chat made easy

Increased participant engagement in the event chat

Reviewing process upgraded

Customised process for gathering jury reviews

The value we always bring

Eventornado gives you everything you need to run a hackathon. From landing page and registrations to idea evaluations and announcing winners. And everything in between. All in one tool.


Launch registration and idea collection

Launch your event’s landing page with all the necessary information about mentors, sponsors, rules, tools etc. Whether it is a 48-hour hack or a week-a-thon, customise the timeline as you need. Set up a custom registration and idea form and start gathering participants just like that.

Launch a hackathon

Get participants matchmaking and working together

The event chat is set up automatically for organisers, participants and mentors. Engage participants early and get them to start sharing ideas and form teams.

Collect ideas

Manage everything in one place

See all the data about registered participants and ideas and send out important announcements via email or chat. During the event, gather final submissions from teams, organise the work of mentors and gather reviews from the jury. After the event, export necessary data, publish the results on your landing page (and celebrate). All on one platform.

Form teams

And one extra..

Get full support 7 days a week from our team of hackathon organisers and experts.

Work together

Our great customers

We are working with great customers who help us improve the product with each successful event. Win-win.

“Eventornado provides an integrated video conferencing and chat system, a very easy 2 clicks evaluation process for the judges”

Ricky - Pact



“For a hackathon we were hosting simultaneously in four countries in West Africa, bringing Eventornado on board with us was the best decision we could have made.”

“Thanks to Eventornado we could host more people than ever before and bring together teams across the world”

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We want to work with expert hack organisers to rapidly improve our platform. Book your demo before 31st Dec 2021 and we want to offer you a “2 for 1” deal for your 2022 events.